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Odorheiu-Secuiesc sightseeing

  • Remembrance Park - 13 statues of representative figures of Hungarian history and culture in Transylvania.
  • Jesus’s Heart Chapel - The oldest monument of the Land of the Secklers.
  • Secklers Attacked Fortress - This fortress was built by the order of Prince János Zsigmond.
  • Franciscan church and monastery - The architecture of this church and monastery shows elements of both the baroque and classicism.
  • Reformed School - The school was founded by Count János Bethlen.
  • Elek Benedek Teacher Training School - It was built in 1912 in hungarian secessionist style.
  • Reformed church - This church built in classicist - baroque style in 1781.
  • Town Hall - The eclectic building of the Town Hall built in 1896 stands in the centre of the town.
  • Áron Tamási High School - This is one of the most majestic buildings of the town.
  • The Roman Catholic Parish Church - In the official record of the monuments of Harghita County it figures as a monument.
  • Rezső Haáz Museum - This exquisite museum houses permanent exhibitions on the history of the town and of the Secklers as well as on handicrafts.

Walks in the Salt Region

  • Seiche Spa - Is the leisure centre and bath of Székelyudvarhely.
  • Bisericani - It is the oldest settlement in the Upper Nicău Valley.
  • Lupeni - The tomb of Áron Tamási is between the two oaks behind the church as indicated in his last will and testament.
  • Corund - Is the most famous settlement of the Salt Region and a living centre of folk pottery.
  • Praid - Is the natural centre of the Salt Region.
  • Sovata - Is the most popular summer resort and spa of the Land of the Secklers.
  • Câmpu Cetăţii - Is 19 km from Sovata and it is famous for its trout.
  • Bezid - There are two reasons why the 20th century history of Bezid is a tragic one.

Tour to Red Lake

  • Șumuleu - The Pentecost Pilgrimage from Şumuleu is the most important feast of Secklers.
  • Siculeni - It is the most densely populated village of the Ciuc Basin.
  • Gheorgheni - Is one of the most isolated and most distinct part of the Land of the Secklers.
  • Lăzarea - The castle of Lăzarea is a major tourist attraction.
  • Red-Lake - It is the largest natural mountain lake in Romania.
  • Bicaz Gorge - One of the most breathtaking tourist attractions in Romania.

Following legends

  • Satu Mare - This traditionalist village famous for its dove-cotted gates lies.
  • Homorod Spa - This resort surrounded by pine forests and hayfields is populated mostly in summer.
  • Miercurea Ciuc - Started to develop on the left bank of the Olt River in the Ciuc Basin in the 16th century.
  • Tusnád - This is an internationally known resort and sight of eastern Transylvania.
  • Lake St. Anne - Is one of the most attracting sights in the Szeklerland.
  • Bálványos - Bálványos Spa is one of several hydrothermal and volcanic features of the Eastern Transylvania area.

Tezaur cultural săsesc

  • Braşov - Este considerat inima României și un foarte important centru economic, turistic, cultural și sportiv al țării. Una dintre principalele atracţii ale oraşului, este Biserica Neagră.
  • Valea Viilor - Aici se găseşte una dintre cele mai frumoase fortificaţii săseşti.
  • Biertani - Face parte dintre primele aşezări germane din Ardeal.
  • Viscri - Aici se găseşte una dintre cele mai reprezentative biserici fortificate de pe meleagurile săseşti.
  • Cetatea Dracula - S-a menţinut într-o stare foarte bună, iar turnurile dantelate oferă o privelişte pitorească.

Fishing at Sânpaul

The ponds of Sânpaul are on the two sides of the road leading to Ocland. On the left bank of Homorod Mare, near the salt water well artificial ponds were built in order to breed fish. There are 5 ponds with a total surface of 38 hectares, suitable for fishing. In summer they can row, in winter they can skate on the lakes. Fishermen can also have a good time, because the lakes are rich in fish and 30 kilogram trouts and 20 kilogram amurs have been caught.

In memoriam Petőfi Sándor

  • Lutita - The name of this village is closely connected to the events of the Seckler National Meeting in 1506 and to the meeting in 1848.
  • Cristuru Secuiesc - The most important sight of this town is the Gyarfas manor, which was built by the Wesselényi family.
  • Albești - Is the place where Petőfi died.
  • Sighișoara - The narrow streets, the old stairs and the dark houses on pillars show the picture of a medieval Saxon town.

A presentation of handicrafts at Zetea

Zetea is the centre of timbering and woodworking. The village lies in the valley of the Târnava Mare River. It is 11 km from Odorheiu-Secuiesc. The Sándor family has great experience in organizing presentations, which will be memorable for any visitor. In this presentation the tourists will find out a lot about the tradition of wood carving, rope-making, spinning and weaving. Naturally eating and drinking are also part of the programme, visitors can taste the home made cranberry brandy and can try their hands at baking pastry horns. There is also a cultural programme presented by the local pupils who, dressed in traditional costumes, offer a selection of folk dances.

Wildlife park

If you are found of wild animals, photography and nature in general visit the wildlife park. The Ivo Wildlife park is home to different species of wild animals. The 320 hectares park is nestled among rolling hills and river valleys at the foot of the Carpathian Mountains. The park is kept in its natural state. With the exception of minimal fencing and access roads, the natural landscape, flora and fauna are left undisturbed. The mission of the park is to connect people with wildlife, inspire caring for nature and advance conservation. Programs: park tours including walking, horseback riding and photo or film excursions.

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