Abásfalva pension

Abásfalva is located 4 km north-east of Homoródszentmárton, in the Nagy-Homoród valley. It is bounded by Várhegy (836 m) to the east, Bozbokor (716 m) and Zsuva-tetö (768 m) to the west.

Homoródkeményfalva is 1 km from the village, and Homoródfürdő is 11 km from here.

The settlement is characterized by stone-built, mostly white or light blue houses and stone gates. The two margaret guesthouses in Abásfalva wanted to preserve this characteristic architectural style. These houses preserve a piece of the unique folk architecture of the two Homoródmente, formed under the influence of the nearby Saxony, for future generations, which is why we can rightly call Abásfalva as Udvarhelyszék's "Thorock".

This authentic environment is an island of peace and quiet. The open courtyard of the houses, the shade of the cool walnut tree, is an ideal environment for organizing family programs. We can accommodate a total of 25 guests in the four houses, while our community room offers space for group workshops. Visitors can spend sultry summer evenings in a pleasant cellar suitable for drinking wine.

The area is not only suitable for relaxation, as it is also possible to go hiking in the Vargyas gorge, and you can explore the longest cave in the valley, the Almási cave (1527 m). Visitors can relax by visiting the Homoródszentpál nature reserve, while sport fishing and horse riding are also available in the area. If you visit us in winter, you can go skiing at Homoródfürdő or enjoy the recreation opportunities provided by the area.

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